Steph Chaffee Coaching

Helping People In High Demand Jobs Drastically Reduce Their Stress

Are you an executive, a leader, or a business owner in a high stress, high demand profession?

Reduce your stress, burn-out and overwhelm at work, so you can come home and have energy to enjoy your life.  

Stress Strategies

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About Me

Hello, I’m Steph

As an Advanced Certified Coach, I use my experience and expertise to help you manage stress, overwhelm and anxiety so you can reclaim energy and time for the relationships that matter most. You will feel capable, empowered and connected at home and work.

Can You Relate?

I CAN HELP YOU......................................................................................ELIMINATE

Working with me, we focus on what matters most to you!   Beginning with what you are struggling with, together we will create a unique plan to get you the results you desire. 


Let's Get You Results!

Talking and being coached by Steph has helped me work through my thoughts and pushed me to keep going. She’s an amazing listener and coaches from the heart.

Cassandra V.

Working with Steph is a wonderful experience. She guided me through a conversation I needed to have and helped me see the self sabotaging thoughts I was having. 

Jessica H.​

 She created a space where I felt comfortable sharing my fears and insecurities. Steph helped me realize my power I have and it has led me to have a better life overall!

Starr B.

I am ready to be your guide!

I am so excited to see you show up in your life empowered, knowing how to manage stress, a stronger, more confident and effective professional,  more present and most importantly connected and happy in your personal life!